Ayurvedic Principles form the backbone of Sangeeta Sirinthipaporn's therapies, whereby each client is guided through a series of therapies, a diet plan, exercise program and lifestyle balancing measures to synchronize oneself on all levels, from the physical to the subtle.

Treatments Include:

Acupressure Reflexology
Based on reflexes on our hands and feet, the therapist works through all the systems of the body from the endocrine to the cardiovascular to the digestive. As blockages are removed, the body triggers off its own healing mechanism thus reviving stability and balance in our overall state of health.

Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom that in itself is a complete science of life. It focuses on balancing elements not only on our physical but encompasses the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. Ayurvedic therapies include bodyworks done with medicated oils, yoga, meditation along with consultations on diet and lifestyle regimen.

Aromatherapy is basically blending specific essential oils to match your particular constitution. It takes into account your overall state of health. Essential oils are highly effective in terms of bringing the healing energy of plants to all the systems in your being.

Magnets Therapy
Magnets work on the electromagnetic field of our being. They align our energies and help alleviate several disorders in our system. Magnets have been used for several decades as a non-invasive yet effective tool for healing.

Meridian Therapy
Meridians are our energy pathways. Any blockages or overflow in them result in an imbalance. Through the Meridian Therapy, excesses and deficiencies are recognized and corrected.

First Session : Baht 1200 (90 minutes)   Follow-up session: Baht 900 (60 minutes)